The members of TS Doc are Yves Gambier (University of Turku, chairperson), Reine Meylaerts (KU Leuven), Christiane Nord (University of Applied Sciences of Magdeburg, ret.), Nike K. Pokorn (University of Ljubljana), Ubaldo Stecconi (European Commission, Brussels), Luise von Flotow (University of Ottawa). Its members operate pro bono and on a purely voluntary basis. TS Doc has no formal association with any public or private organisation, institution, or scholarly society.

We would like to thank the people and institutions that have generously supported its operations: Anthony Pym (Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Monterey Institute of International Studies), Gerhard Budin (University of

Vienna) and their collaborators for the virtual forum and the conference of end-2008; Umberto Grati for the artwork; Debbie Folaron (Concordia University), Hélène Buzelin (Université de Montréal), and Maria Constanza Guzmán (York University/Glendon) for website design and content organisation, and Luise von Flotow (Ottawa University) for her pledge to support site development and maintenance as of September 2009.

Special thanks go to Debbie Folaron for planning the production of this site, Simon Vézina (Concordia University) for designing the site, and Laurence Ibrahim Aibo Jay-Rayon (Université de Montréal) and Hana Dushek (York University/Glendon) for organising its content.