TS-Doc goes online

TS-Doc.org is finally online. As you can see, the site is still very much work in progress; several sections are under construction and more sections will probably be added as we receive your feedback and suggestions.

Two sections can already give you an idea of what TS-Doc.org will look like when it becomes a bit more stable; these are Conferences and Survey. The Virtual Forum page under Conferences includes the position papers delivered to prepare the forum of November 2008 and links to the forum proper.

The View Survey Responses page under Survey includes a number of questionnaires we received during the survey that we conducted between March and November 2008. We have posted only the questionnaires for which we have received authorisation to publish. More will be added as respondents give us their green lights.

Please take a little time to go through TS-Doc.org and let us know what you think. Our working group has always been a collaborative effort and we have designed our site to become, in time and with your help, a tool for sharing information and promoting co-operation.