Virtual Forum

logo_tsdoc_smallFrom November 3 to 14, 2008 we invited interested parties to participate in a virtual Forum on doctoral programmes in Translation Studies. The aim was to have a more precise picture of Translation Studies as a discipline. The issues we put on the table included the following:
• Where are future translation scholars being educated?
• What are TS programmes like?
• What is the position of these programmes within their respective higher-education institutions and systems?
The future of our discipline depends on the training of qualified teachers and researchers. More people than ever are being trained as translators and interpreters, but more research is also needed to promote translation and interpreting.

Susan Bassnett (Warwick, UK), Helle Dam (Aarhus, Denmark), Françoise Massardier-Kenney (Kent State University, USA) and Anthony Pym (Tarragona, Spain) recorded short position papers to prepare the discussion (see below).

Helle V. Dam

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Notes for a talk given at the virtual forum on doctoral programmes in Translation Studies.

Anthony Pym

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Talk on the problems of setting up a doctoral program in Translation Studies.

Françoise Massardier-Kenney

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Notes on the Ph.D. Program in Translation Studies at Kent State University.

Susan Bassnett

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On doctoral research in Translation Studies.


To see the Forum announcement, please click here. To read the messages that were exchanged during the Forum, please visit the Innovations in translator training Yahoo Group. Forum messages were posted between November 3 and 15. Scroll down and click on Nov. 2008 in the Message History calendar to locate them. The Forum runs from messages number 1965 and 2046. The latter was Yves Gambier's 'Closing Remarks' message that summed up the Forum. You can also read it here.