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  • 2009-06-15
  • Belgium
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Centre for Translation Studies (CETRA)
  • Reine Meylaerts
  • Professor of Comparative Literature
  • Reine Meylaerts
  • Applies to Association KULeuven (Fac. of Arts, Lessius University College, Hogeschool Universiteit Brussel)
  • Graduate School of Arts; PhD in Linguistics and Literary Studies: Translation Studies
  • 4-6 years
  • Planned as one of the future goals of CETRA (Centre for Translation Studies of the Integrated Faculty of Arts).
  • MA in Literary Studies, in Translation Studies, in Linguistics or comparable – good grades.
  • Yes
  • The proposals are accepted by the CETRA Board and the students must discuss topic with supervisor beforehand.
  • Originality of proposal. Feasibility of work programme. Availability of research competence among staff. Solidity of methodology.
  • University and national research councils or own funding (working student)
  • 60 ECTS (1500 to 1800 hours of study) to be completed before the defense.
    - Compulsory elements of the programme: one refereed article in international journal (6-16 ECTS), presentation of two seminars (2-6 ECTS), one paper at international conference (2 ECTS), attendance of one seminar or course specifically designed for PhD students (5 hours of study/hour of seminar attended), presentation of development of research to PhD board (2 ECTS), contacts with promoter (max 8 ECTS)
    - Optional elements: 3rd cycle courses (1hr=5hrs of study plus exam), exceptionally, 2nd cycle courses (1 hr = 4hr of study plus exam), national publication (2-8 ECTS), monography (24 ECTS), editing of book or journal (2-6 ECTS), supervising of MA theses: max. 3 theses at 6 ECTS each, teaching (max. 6 ECTS), foreign research stays of min. 2 weeks under supervision of foreign supervisor (max. 10 ECTS), participation collective research (max. 16 ECTS)
  • No, they are optional.
  • See above.
  • Thesis: average expected length: not specified; language requirements: depends on the field/corpus; time-limit for completion of the thesis: 4-6 years; possibilities to do a thesis based on articles, any other relevant information. Yes: at least 5 published or accepted articles in international peer-reviewed journals (ESF); the articles must be accompanied by an extensive scientific introduction and conclusion that illustrate the theoretical-methodological unity of the articles and the scientific surplus of the whole.
  • Yes, by the Fund for Scientific Research mainly.
  • Supervisors must have Ph.D and be based in university. The role of supervisor is defined in university regulations.
  • More than one person can supervise a thesis, mostly as a co-promoter.
  • Not structured.
  • All PhD students undergo a viva. This includes supervisor(s), external examiner(s), internal examiner and independent chairperson.
  • No publication requirements but publication encouraged.