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  • 2009-06-15
  • Denmark
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Department of International Language Studies and Computational Linguistics
  • Gyde Hansen
  • Professor, Dr.
  • Yves Gambier
  • It is the same rules all over the country
  • PhD degree (Dr.) and the Danish doctoral degree (habilitation). No, they are general degrees.
  • PhD: 3 years.
  • Yes.
  • MA (5 years).
  • Yes
  • The (research) dean based on an expert assessment. In accordance with the requirements of the PhD scholarship announced and the ability of the department to supervise the student in the field of research in question.
  • The applicant’s qualifications, the relation between the research project/question and the theory the applicant intends to apply, the compliance with the department’s research environments and the feasibility with respect to the schedule (3 years).
  • Both possibilities exist.
  • The courses are offered by national (and international) doctoral schools. The Number of ECTS: 30.
  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  • Average expected length: 300 pages.
    Language requirements: Mostly English with a Danish abstract or vice versa. Other languages (Spanish, French, Italian and German) are allowed.
    Time-limit for completion of the thesis: 3 years.
    Possibilities to do a thesis based on articles: Yes
    Any other relevant information: No.
  • Yes
  • Who is entitled to supervise? Associate professors or professors.
    What are the required formal qualifications? PhD.
    Can supervisors come from a different university or country? Yes, but usually the main supervisor is from the CBS – secondary supervisor from other universities or from abroad are allowed.
    Is their role defined explicitly? No.
  • How many people can supervise a single thesis? Usually 1-3.
    Is joint supervision possible? Yes.
    Is it usual? Yes.
  • Supervisor–candidate interaction. How is supervision structured? Individually.
    What kind of monitoring activities do you have on the progress of a PhD candidate? Reports signed by the candidate and the supervisor every six months.
  • 3 members of the assessment committee (1 internal and 2 externals, at least 1 of the two external members must be from abroad.
    Referees, pre–publication evaluation, committee/jury, public defense/examination (viva), grades (their definition): Preliminary evaluation followed by a public oral defense. Grades: Accepted or not accepted.
  • Articles before the final defense? Not required.
    Must the thesis be published as a book and/or on the Internet? It is published on the Internet.
  • Strengths: The doctoral studies in DK are well structured. We follow the ministerial order on the PhD course of study and on the PhD degree (Dansk: bekendtgørelse).