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  • 2009-06-15
  • Ireland
  • Dublin City University
  • School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, Translation Studies Section
  • Michael Cronin
  • Professor
  • Ubaldo Stecconi
  • The answers apply only to Dublin City University
  • No specific programme. Students do a PhD by research.
  • 3-4 years
  • Possible in theory but very difficult in reality.
  • Very good honours BA (1st class or 2:1)
  • Yes
  • The proposals are vetted by the School Research Committee and the students must discuss topic with supervisor beforehand
  • Originality of proposal. Feasibility of work programme. Availability of research competence among staff. Solidity of methodology.
  • Funding comes from a variety of sources: University, industry and national research councils.
  • There are currently no specific courses but this is likely to change.
  • No, but this will change.
  • Graduate students are expected to attend and present at School research seminars and are actively encouraged to present at national and international conferences.
  • 80,000 words. Must be in English or Irish but may be written in other languages with permission. Possibility of doing an article-based thesis but option rarely exercised.
  • Yes, but limited.
  • Supervisors must have Ph.D and one supervisor at least must be based in university. The role of supervisor is defined in university regulations.
  • More than one person can supervise a thesis but this is not common practice.
  • A structured set of meetings is arranged between supervisor a candidate. All students are put on Master’s register first and can only go on to Ph.D. register on making a successful presentation at the end of the first year to the School Research Committee.
  • All PhD students undergo a viva. This includes supervisor(s), external examiner(s), internal examiner and independent chairperson.
  • No publication requirements but publication encouraged.
  • Need for structured taught programme at PhD level in translation studies.