Reporting after the first month

The feedback we have received from colleagues and friends after the first month of operation has been generally positive. We want to thank all the people who have helped us spread the news and those who have given us their encouragement and suggestions for improvement.

Today, has 73 registered users: the 39 institutions listed in our Survey page that have received special accounts and 30 people who have registered as users (four administrators tally the total). Since the site went online, just over a month ago, its pages have been viewed over 4,500 times by 530 different people.

But the best news in this report is about the three colleagues who have decided to share information about their programmes after our launch and have taken the survey online. This is good news because it shows how can be used. This website is designed to become a piazza; a quiet and safe place where students, scholars and administrators involved in doctoral programmes can meet, exchange views, and – in time – do business together.

The TS Doc working group and the team that has been working on the site are taking a break now. Please come and visit us again towards the end of August.