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  • 2009-06-19
  • US
  • State University of New York at Binghamton
  • Comparative Literature/Translation Program
  • Marilyn Gaddis Rose
  • Distinguished Service Professor/Director
  • Ubaldo
  • Only to SUNY
  • PhD in translation studies offered through the Translation Research & Instruction Program; MA in Translation Studies offered through Comparative Literature
  • MA, usually 4 semesters; PhD,usually six semesters beyond the master's
  • Feasible but it would double the amount of time in residence. Up to 32 hours of master's course work can be counted towards the 48+ credit hours in residence needed for the PhD
  • Most students present a master's degree
  • Yes, the master's can be in any field
  • On-line application through Graduate School, departmental committee for master's, subcommittee for applications to the doctorate. Students design their own curriculum and dissertation topic.
  • See above.
  • Few students are funded. New York State is in a Recession.
  • The Binghamton University website: provides links which show course descriptions.
    Students must have fluency in A & B languages and reading knowledge of C language. The master's curriculum has required practice courses, and doctoral students are encouraged to keep translating.
  • By all means, a full spectrum of doctoral courses informing translation studies are offered and required. A field paper prior to the written comprehensive examinations prepares for the dissertation.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in national and international seminars and conferences. Prior to the Recession, conferences were held on campus.
  • A dissertation in artificial intelligence might be under 50 pages. A scholarly dissertation is more likely to be 200 pages. It should not have been published previously.
  • A very limited amount is currently available for professional travel.
  • A member of the university graduate faculty may be a dissertation advisor and serve on a committee. The outside member, appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, may be from a different university. The Dean of the Graduate School makes the role very clear in her letter of appointment.
  • A committee generally is comprised of three members of the University faculty. The outside member usually sees the dissertation only when it is ready to defend.
  • Regular meetings and semester grades.
  • After course work, which should be A level, there is a lengthy field paper, followed by three weekends of written examinations, an oral examination. The dissertation defense is public.
  • U.S. dissertations are sent on line to a clearing house. Publishers do not want works that sound like a dissertation. Those who publish must revise considerably.
  • At present in the U.S. there are only two doctoral programs in translation studies, Binghamton University was the first and had the first PhD completed in June 2008. However, prior to that date, alumni/ae with a translation-oriented PhD received that degree in Comparative Literature and are well placed in the academy.
  • and However, current dissertation writers have the chief advisor in Computer Science, Creative Writing, Comparative Literature, and French.